• Premium Lightweight Fabric

  • Multiple Color Options

  • Personalized Artwork

  • Infinite Sizes

  • Fit

    Pull your favorite fitting tee shirt out of the closet. Follow our guide to take 10 measurements to the nearest quarter inch. Enter those measurements when ordering on our site. We'll cut your tee shirt to those exact measurements.

  • Fabric

    Pick a color from our lightweight super soft premium fabric. All fabrics are 50% eco-friendly cotton and 50% recycled polyester. They are pre-washed to keep that perfect fit perfect.

  • Artwork

    If you are just looking for an amazing fitting tee shirt, no need to add any artwork. If you're feeling more adventurous, pick from one of the rotating graphics that we like here at Colter Dillon. If you have something specific in mind, select the option to send us your own artwork.

  • Wear

    We individually cut your tee shirt pattern based upon your measurements, our sewists craft the fabric into the perfectly fitted garment, we apply any ink that you selected, box it up and ship it out in only a few days. All that's left is to wear and enjoy.

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Perfectly fitted tee with a design by our team

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